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What Sets NBO3 Apart

Through lab testing and a commitment to quality assurance, our team of experts at our state-of-the-art testing facility analyze animal performance metrics to develop Omega-3 products that are tailored to your livestock’s needs.

 At the core of our distinction is a proprietary manufacturing process, complemented by a unique strain of algae as an ingredient. Recognized for its rich Omega-3 protein content, this algae strain is the secret to our feed’s success.



Research &

Our commitment to excellence is backed by over 15 years of research, in collaboration with Kansas State University, a leading institution in animal science and  nutrition. This partnership has validated the effectiveness of our proprietary feed system.


Nourishing a Sustainable Future

At the heart of NBO3's story is a commitment to creating a sustainable future through innovative nutrition. We’re not just about producing Omega-3 rich products; we're about harnessing the power of agriculture to address larger environmental concerns. Our focus extends beyond reducing emissions to understanding agriculture's role in carbon sequestration and biodiversity. With NBO3, it's not just about nutrition; it's about shaping a healthier planet.


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