The Role of Omega-3

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The Importance of


Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically ALA, EPA, and DHA, are vital for both livestock and human health. These fatty acids are not produced internally and must be sourced from diets. While ALA is derived from vegetable oil, EPA and DHA are abundant in marine fish oil and microalgae. It's crucial to understand that merely consuming ALA isn't enough; the direct intake of EPA and DHA offers more health benefits.


Impact on Human Health

Increased intake of EPA and DHA has been linked to improved heart health and brain health in humans.

Livestock Benefits

For livestock, Omega-3s enhance immune function, reproductive efficiency, and overall health, which in turn boosts farm profitability.

Here are a few examples

  • In dairy cows, these fatty acids play a crucial role in fertility and embryo health.

  • In calves, they aid in combating early-life diseases.

  • For pigs, they enhance growth performance, meat production, and reproductive success.

  • In poultry, they support rapid growth, egg production, and overall feed efficiency.

  • For horses, they provide essential nutrients, especially during winter, and combat various health issues, including arthritis.

Our Unique Ingredient:


Our years of research and testing have identified a certain strain of algae that acts as a potent source of Omega-3, leading to the establishment of Green Stream Farms to grow our algae.

 Omega-3 fatty acids, pivotal for cellular metabolism, offer myriad benefits for animals and humans alike. Through nutritional adjustments, NBO3 aims to enrich livestock products, promoting human nutrition and overall well-being.


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